Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Benefits of smoking ban

Scotland introduced a ban on smoking in workplaces and public spaces continue with the rest of England in 2006.

The Tuc and unions to put weight behind the campaign for a similar adjustment was introduced here in large part because there is a connection, direct causal link between smoking in the workplace and the deaths caused by second- hand smoke inhalation. It is very obvious unfair and unacceptable to intentionally expose a worker to other workers to dangerous substances known. Clear case for the ban.

An expected effect is that there will be an overall reduction in smoking. Smokers are faced with the challenge of going through the day without having to work in, in large numbers, it was decided that a better option than simply to stop smoking altogether.

This helps in the North East saw the biggest drop in smoking rates in the UK - although the prices here, especially with the girls, is higher than in most other regions. In Scotland leads, we now see evidence-based research experience more out of health adult from their smoking ban was introduced.

Since 2006, there has been a decline in the percentage of mother-to-no smoke, from 25% to 19%.

That will lead to a direct benefit in the form of a reduction in the number of premature birth and low birth weight by 10%, which means a lot more babies get a much better start to life and is much more likely to avoid the full range of health problems that are related to some of their growing years.

Given that the young woman was a single group in the North East were among the most likely to smoke, imperative that we continue to press the case to stop smoking, to limit the availability and access to cigarettes, and that industry take more responsibility in the area.

In the latter case, the constant occurs as the tobacco companies finding more and more creative ways to promote and market cigarettes, specifically targeted at young girls.

Health benefits to avoid the smoke clear. The health risks for girls and especially for their babies if they smoked during pregnancy were more evident as well, but this is a special group targeted by the tobacco industry.

Effective regulation of the marketing and promotion of tobacco products should be an integral part of the health response to this risk. One challenge, more serious also illegal tobacco trade, which has grown due to the high price of cigarettes should be.

'Fresh NE' has done a wonderful job in supporting smoking cessation, and dramatically improved the health of the region to do so.

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