Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Calls bit, Promises More, And, Best of All, no script!

You have a phone in one hand and the other trained script. Are you ready to start teleprospecting. You've planned your message so well that you expected your objections and listeners can fire quick response. Finally, you pass the famous doorman and had a chance to talk to Mr. Big. You feel so close to making a sale ... Then reality kicks: Mr. Big is disrupted, and before you know it, it's all over. No commitment, no sale. Time to take your own, dust ourselves off, and try again, you think. But if you're sick of this cycle now? Why are not you tired of calling people to get only a small number of promises (if you're lucky)? YOU can make more appointments with fewer calls by simply adding a few steps to process your teleprospecting 

Step 1: Get more prospects you are trying to contact yourselfthe not wait for your call, so Stop acting like it's an honor to talk to you. Found out that you are a very busy day distract your prospect. They can do other things besides listening to the seller trying to sell them something they already have or think they have. When the disturbing prospect, make it worth their while. Do not feed it the same script carefully to hear it from any other seller. Your prospects do not want to sell anything. They, however, want solutions to their business problems, and want to be more productive and more profitable. If your message does not meet their needs, they do not want to hear it. The easiest and best way to show your prospects that you have the solution is to talk about them, not you. Focusing on the company they will show them that it is probably in their best interest to make an appointment with you.

Step 2: Identify targetYou you can not expect great results by using the same litter each company on your list, and it is impossible to offer solutions to companies that do not know about. Should identify individually each prospect: What is their business? How is their current status? Who are the real decision makers? What possible reason to buy them? You can find answers to these questions by talking to the doorman, program administrator, or, if all else fails, one of their sales staff (Seller is born to talk and tell you all you need to know!). The more you know about your prospect, the better chance you'll talk about smart and original thought of their company, personalized solutions. This will increase your chances of staying on the line again, making appointments, and ultimately make sale.

Step 3: prospectAfter involved some preliminary research about the company and the decision makers, the next step is to find a effective way to get their attention. If you can talk to prospects on the phone, try to ask interesting questions about their business, their company, their needs, whatever makes them involved in the conversation. Again, the only way to engage your prospects to talk about it and the things associated with it. Do not forget to have some way to office: fax machines, snail mail, e-mail, phone. Do not just settle for the way! If the telephone conversation is not possible, leave a voice message that will grab their attention! Use all the media available to you in different and interesting ways that complement each other and encourage your prospects to contact you. Be patient! Continue to provide interesting pieces for decision makers, while also keeping up with them by phone. Never give up! Your next call could be the one that is going through and cause an appointment 

Step 4: Sell appointmentIf you just try to get appointments with decision makers, it is not selling anything but a promise! When your prospect answers the phone, you only have about five seconds to get your message heard before the prospect stops listening, being irritated, hang up, or say they are not interested. Skip all the junk about you and your company and get the real reason why you are calling. Use the short time you have to tell them why you are calling and why it is important to them. If they want more information, they ask. And when they do, they are showing their interest in what you offer. This is a good time to try to close the appointment! 

Learn how to use these steps to get the appointment will also help you connect with your prospect during the actual appointment. You do not feel tempted to rely on the script if you know the disappointing sales prospects and learn how to effectively interact with it. With the initial step in the process will save you time later, when you are dealing with your prospects and try to make a sale. Sure, you can add a few steps to the process, but you can significantly reduce the time and frustration of calling number after number in hopes of getting an appointment. With this step, you will get twice as many appointments call half and a lot of people have what it takes to then make the sale!

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