Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is poverty consciousness?

The entire old talk senses, a new luxury Verification (they have a special place, but it takes time and technique) and "follow your dreams and riches will follow" is the corn snake oil peddlers. Usually when a man and managed to remember how well s / he began to tell everyone how to achieve the extraordinary status of both their abundance and have.the West, by and large will make the difficulty terms of the material in question, despite all the difficulties the country is called real attended still exist in different pockets. One of the problems that go with it "science technology," is that even though they destroyed a lot of suffering and pain, they made a wo / man's life more.We have all the health and medical that the tablet need people to spend their money and we will be more aware of the body because all the magazines say it is possible to be beautiful, healthy and prosperous until we die.

The material wo / man for whom the all comfort, technology and material development has formed gone, lost in the sense that technology forgot whom made. low we forget ourselves and our insides are hollow and we felt frustrated at some stage of life, we feel betrayed by the system, and often by people who are close to us. All ornaments are there and they are given but with most people there have lost consciousness and incorporating them echo.Recently actual truth is, we have an example in India where they now threaten the standard the health of the Commonwealth Games. For me it is not surprising at all because the East will make men and women, but India is still living in the past in a sense because genius is committed to making giant meditation.

Their reflection, such Ramakrishna, Meher Baba, Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi to name a few, but they will not be used for any effort to silence scientific. India if they can be beautiful on the outside and inside. Of course they are so full they are interested in the outside world as rule.Conversely, production Westerners like Einstein and natural ability to make scientific discoveries noticeable, but since the discovery led to Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of his life he said that if there are things like another life, he would rather be a plumber. He may be a mystic well as directed energy inside.Now if men and women, who have contributed so much to humanity and the progress of science is to discover their inner resources and their true identity , the world will be rich in both material facts as we spiritually.In, balanced world and the world because we are not weighted. 

Krishnamurti said in a famous study, "We Are The World." Are we humans learn to be rich just starts from within us, then we will have a life, rich and satisfying , rather than one where people just seem to realize the truth for themselves after years on the treadmill, failing health, broken relationships or lose their money.To with poverty awareness to empty inside and awareness Treasure or wealth is to know your inner wealth. Material wealth may or may not go to the rich consciousness, but the difficulties will certainly go hand in hand with poverty consciousness, if the person is conscious or rich poor.Sam

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