Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Great minds think alike-not!

If this is true beautiful muse alike, have the bulbs in our homes, running water or other modern conveniences. It's great minds do not think alike, think independently and regardless of what the masses think.

Let's take the recent announcement of our largest banking institutions who want to cut more than 5% of its workforce. It's no different with the decision taken by many other corporate conglomerates, in fact, it is the same old quarter, incremental shareholder viewpoint attempted to account for many other companies in the last decade results. The shareholders are satisfied with their return, so visionary who proved once again that they know at the time that the next quarterly report visionary.

Reply to increased profits for the company is not in reducing the workforce will be responsible for making a profit, which is in the sales growth, ie, lies in the generation of income, not reduce costs. My guess is that the recent announcement of downsizing will result in people using the back or a year on the road with the cost of re-training, higher to attract people to be actually available wages, and a net loss total. I can not help thinking that the CEOs and executives to make decisions converge on Camp Runamuck, practice their secret handshakes, collectively decide to do something stupid, and then agreed to move to the next company Megamillion compensation packages dollar so can not be responsible for the stupid decisions are made.

This clown pulling down almost 400 times the salary of the average worker in the head of his company, and the best you can get is to cut 10,000 jobs? Measurement of companies said that to survive, thrive, and reap the benefits, you have to develop the company. If the problem is the growth of preterm labor and requires a reduction in the number of employees, who's to blame? From my point of view, when a reduction in workforce of 10,000 people is necessary, at least ten of them should be a top executive of the company Serving all of them are not needed now. If executives overpaid and incompetent decisions that inevitably leads to a more competent job, income, expenses and shareholder returns are not removed. Why any company would allow senior executives to cut 10,000 jobs, without questioning the order / decision, the present and the past; clear that the credibility of the skills of visionary / / her leadership job in question, so if this is true, what you should do before you have to be responsible?

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