Monday, December 23, 2013

Chi and Health - Fundamentals Creating Vibrant Health Through Chi

Chi surrounds us everywhere we look and it affects all aspects of our health. This is the basis for Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. This is what gives power to the internal martial arts. This is the basis of Feng Shui. It is the energy of the universe, but it really looks us.Once know about chi and how it affects your life, you can begin to work in harmony with it. Fitness, health and happiness possible. First, there are some basics to understand about RealChi concept.

Chi is not a theoretical concept. It is very real. Consider a fresh corpse. In addition to chi, almost the same as you! It does not require belief or faith to see something very basic is missing from the corpse. It contains all the elements necessary for life, except for the energy / functions. Or in other words, not enough chi life.Our need for Food Containing need ChiWe we need food to survive because it contains chi. We will not take place without eating. In Chinese medicine chi type called "Gu Chi". You can translate this term as "energy cereal". It entered into our stomach and got kind of chi processes that our bodies can only run.We not eat any old thing and expect to create the same quality chi. Why does organic food taste better than conventional food? Have you ever noticed a buzz energetic after eating raw sushi? Notice how horrible you feel one or two hours after eating fast food? Hey, you are what you eat! Eat a variety of quality, fresh, whole foods is the key to creating life chi, and because it contains a colorful health.

The Air ChiWe can go days without eating, but how long you can hold your breath press? Obviously there are other types of chi that is missing from our diet This is the kind of chi that we need a consistent, steady supply kinds of.This chi from the air. In the Chinese name for it is "da chi" or "heavenly chi". That is, the chi from the air above. Like the food, the quality of our breathing can vary greatly! The trick is learning how to breathe better.For good health, take an activity that you have to focus on breathing and creating quality breath. Tai chi is a good choice, such as yoga (pranayama mainly practice), Chi Gong (Qigong), and any other tradition breathwork. A few minutes a day of breathing quality can have a big impact on your life and your Chi vitality.

Nourish With changes LifestyleThe discussion about this article, diet quality and breathing quality, require some changes in your lifestyle. While I'm not suggesting you become a monk, people are often resistant to change.With allow me to offer insights that can help you stay motivated. Think about what will be possible in your life with more energy, better sleep, less pain, and fewer sick days. Close your eyes and just spent thirty or sixty seconds in essence creating a clear picture in your mind of what you will look and feel like. If you decide to keep your healthy lifestyle should never falter, go back and re-create the image so that it remains based on why you even bother to create vibrant health.

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