Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Let It Go Or Put It In Your Pocket: How Emotions affect our work

Let them go or put it in your pocket. Intentionally or not, our emotions are not just play our personal lives: they are widespread in our work lives as well. Quite often, emotions run in the wrong direction directly through our subconscious and our faces to work with, well, we love.I privilege to provide academic and career advice for thousands of thousands of people in all different stages of life and from all different cultures. Although I've seen many variations and needs, I'll place that remains constant: Emotion modulates many landing a job, developed after a lay-off, or grow within a company or organization. It is very normal to combine our emotions in our career, because it is what makes us human. However, how we tend to respond emotionally and is essential for growth and personal development. When emotions start making unrealized barriers, we need to take a step back and just let them go, or put them in our pocket to meet the same time.With said, here are some strategies and examples I learned along the career emotional ways: 1. Put your troubles in perspective: 1-10 Draw a line on a piece of paper. At the end of 10, write something or perhaps one of the most difficult challenges / time in your life. Now put your event on the current line and stepped back. How fit? Does this problem fall below the line? 

This insight is important and we should all be able to see the big picture of our lives. * Thanks to Louise Jacobs for giving this wonderful information and the tools. I use this technique so often, and it really makes a difference.2. Let it go: Remove the negative emotions holding you hostage. If you are angry, sad, or angry, you are a potential employer or current employer will feel and see first hand (they have feelings too)! There is no reason to let your feelings continued career growth. All the stages of grief is normal and requires time to heal. However, there is held for more than necessary just consume and affect the people around you. Let the emotions go when you're ready, you'll be a more enjoyable time waiting for you (and possibly promote job or want) 0.3. Put them in your pocket for later: If you are not ready to let go of negative emotions, and must move forward now, put the feelings and / or situations in your pocket and deal with it in a better time. Do not take them out to work, or there is a potential employer.4. Stop blaming others for your situation: If we spend less time blaming others, and more time working to improve and develop our skills are wonderful, you might think that the a much more productive society possible? Give the blame back to the person or place that gave it to you in the first place. You do not need it, because it just takes up more space in your mind and heart. 

The only change you can make is to create change, take a chance and run.5. Give what you want to receive: Yes, this is a good thing in the old Karma is not a new discovery, but it is so true! For example, if you go to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress in a bad mood, how the foods you usually end up? How do you change your mood during dinner? We have to provide the energy we want to breathe in. If we give love, we get love. If we smile more, most of the time, they smile back. Be a mirror for reflection, and not just changing your feelings, but what about other people's feelings as well.6. Stop comparing yourself to others: Do not spend endless amount of time comparing yourself to others. You are you, and no one is unique! If you are not honest you down together, and you happen to let go, do not spend time wondering why this and that co-workers do not get let go as well. It is the eternal curiosity, and do not waste time thinking focus is counterproductive. Forward.7 transition. 

Attach the negative feelings and / or other situations: visualize and imagine yourself making situations and / or emotionally and physically throw them in one place. Oscar the Grouch is a great receiver for negative situations and emotions: he was angry and sin in the trash: You get two for the price of 8!. Do not take everything so personal: Business is business, even if you are in a company for a lifetime. Times with rapid changes in technology, as well as jobs, needs and requirements. This is not a personal change, but rather, to change the world. Moving with the times, and do not let fear, anger or rancor slows you down.

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